In Concert

An exciting, sparkling show with the best of Irish and Scottish Folk (what did you think, Andy being a life-long hobby fiddler!), rich vocal harmony singing, all sorts of covers (Beatles, Country....) and our own songs. In our own songs, we like to share what inspires us. Our beautiful melodies carry messages from our own life experience; whatever touches us and makes us happy or nostalgic can also move you!

We let the people pick their favourite songs out of a collection of 100 well known singalong songs. This gets the whole room really excited! People love singing in a group! Everything is live, so no artificial backing tracks. And lots of interaction! We create a real bonfire atmosphere but without the annoying smoke! So, if you're young or a little older, still studying, member of a club, living in an old people's home, facing a handicap or whatever, we go along with your choice of songs! And you can just listen and enjoy it or sing along and give it everything you 've got.