About Andy & Di

We are a publicly registered charity. We have no ties with record companies or the world of commercial music. We have no manager telling us what to do. Music for us is our main hobby and we love performing and getting people to sing. Because of this we have an amazing amount of freedom in our choice of music and this gives us the enthusiasm, creativity and flexibility needed to energize a wide variety of people.

 Music has always been Andy's first and major hobby in life. He loves writing songs, based on his own life experience; there is always a message between the lines. Born in Liverpool, it is no surprise that the Beatles are a major source of musical inspiration. As an 8-year-old boy, the fiddle became his best companion for many years, having to compete with a very talented sister and younger brother! Later he taught himself piano and guitar and developed his enthusiastic singing style! Because he grew up in the Irish community in Liverpool, he played Irish Folk music as well as Beatles covers and combined this with his Classical Music Training. With this background, it is no wonder that Andy's folk music is so unique: exciting performances, gorgeous arrangements but staying faithful to the original spirit of the traditionals.
He loves the large variety in folk music: from the ecstatic rhythmic jigs and reels on the fiddle and bodhran with people tapping along like crazy, to the peaceful ballads which gives shivers on the spine, particular when the close vocal harmony kicks in. Andy lives for his hobby of music and shares this enthusiasm with you.
Being born in Liverpool, a city well known for it's comedians as well as it's musicians, Andy is also particularly known for his spontaneous humor: "You have to be a comedian to live there!"

 Di is the female singer of the duo and Andy's wife. She also writes songs in Dutch and English and loves to share with others what makes her a happier person. There is always a message in between the lines, based on her own life experience.
She adores singing beautiful ballads and she has a warm timbre. She has a great sense of humor on stage, and performs in a very spontaneous, natural way.
Di also runs the improvisation workshops